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Savage Race Ends 2017 Season with a Bang

November 30th, 2017|0 Comments

The final Savage Race weekend of 2018 started out with A bang.... literally.  Just after the finish of the national anthem and thousands of people all around, the United States Army fired off a cannon into the air to start the final race of the 2017 season at the Little Everglades Ranch in Dade City, Florida home of Savage Race for the past several years.

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Review: Q Energy – Drink Healthy

After testing Q Energy for the past month during sports, activities, intense training runs, and as a mid-afternoon energy boost, I've learned the positive and negative benefits of these convenient self-serving packs

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November Project – How it's made me a stronger, faster OCR Athlete

As we enter into the final weeks of 2017 many of our OCR seasons are coming to an end, if they haven’t already.  This is a great time, as many of us do, to reflect on the goals we set out to accomplished. Did we meet those goals? Did we exceed those goals? Did we come up short and if so why? For me, it’s also about looking forward. I like to set goals for the offseason as well. Where can I improve?

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Gear Review: DolfinPack

“Do I need to use a hydration pack?” This is the question thrown around OCR message boards for every race, no matter the length or weather conditions. Before I dig into this gear review, my answer to that beloved question is, “sometimes.”

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Race Recap: Terrain Racing Heads to Irvine, California

Terrain Racing is a family friendly competitive race. Great atmosphere to have fun, get a good workout & earn a beautiful Monkey Finisher Medal. First time OCR participants will love this event. The event is well organized filled with 25 fun obstacles. Terrain Race offer budget-friendly OCR option whether you decide to participate in a 5k or 10k.

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Episode Recap – Broken Skull Challenge Season 5 Episode 10

November 29th, 2017|0 Comments

Two weeks ago Cassidy’s reign came to an end at the hands and feet of Corinna. Ms. Coffin has a history in OCR by showing up kind of unannounced and blowing everyone else out of the water. Before there was Rea Kolbl at WTM, there was Corinna Coffin. I don’t see either one of these ladies letting go of their crowns anytime soon. Tonight will be no exception.

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Episode Recap – Broken Skull Challenge Season 5 Episode 9

This posse of men as big as or bigger than Steve went at it for a chance at the Skullbuster.  Hunter ran it weighing in at around 200 pounds.  So is it possible for a guy bigger than that to beat the 6:01 mark?

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Training Tuesday: Rope Traverse

Conquer the Gauntlet and Mud Run Guide's own Matt Willis brings us through this week's Training Tuesday. Willis shows us how to get across a rope traverse with techniques that can be used whether the rope is high above water or a few feet off the ground. Willis is a member of the Conquer the Gauntlet Pro Team and a fierce competitor at many obstacle races. Conquer the Gauntlet is a favorite series throughout the mid-west of the United States of America.

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Badass Women of OCR – Tasha Overmiller

Tasha Overmiller is a badass because she knows that she wants to better herself as a well-rounded athlete, and OCR is part of her plan to remain strong and balanced.

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Race Recap: Bonefrog Challenge Heads to North Carolina

The first question I asked BoneFrog founder Brian Carney this year was “why the switch to North Carolina”?  His response: “We looked at the demographics and saw that the majority of runners at the South Carolina event came from the North Carolina/Charlotte area, so it made sense to bring the race to the runners”.  Fair enough!

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