Obstacle Course Racing and the sport of OCR is still unknown to many in mass media. Series like the Spartan Race Road to the Championships on NBCSports and NBC and BattleFrogs Collegiate Championships on ESPN have given the sporting world a taste of obstacle course racing. But it is shows like Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge on CMT, and the upcoming NBC Spartan Race show are helping to bring obstacle course racing into the living rooms of Main Street USA. Recently, trailers began splashing across the internet for the new Fox Reality Competition Series – American Grit – which is set to premiere in April.

As with other broadcasts, look for some familiar faces as part of American Grit hosted by John Cena. This competition reality show features teams working under a trainer with a military background. Most notable for the OCR community is Noah Galloway representing the Army branch of the military. Midwesterner, Brooke Van Paris, is one of the competitors looking to see if she has the most grit. Van Paris is an active member of the Crazy Mudder Muckers a large midwestern OCR community. Check out the trailer below and tune in on April 14 for the season premiere.

American Grit Trailer

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