In the obstacle course racing industry when a race organization announces it is redesigning, restructuring, or reassessing the chances that the industry will see that group again is slim based on historical events. However, this fall, Civilian Military Combine reemerged from the ashes like a Pheonix rising on the southernmost tip of Brooklyn, New York.


Civilian Military Combine is the original hybrid obstacle course race. By “hybrid” this means that the event not only has an obstacle racing but adds something else additionally to the event. In the case of CMC, this is the addition of a five -minute functional fitness workout before the start of the obstacle course. The Pit offered three levels of the workout from basic body movement to more complex barbell movements. After athletes finish the pit, they are sent out onto the course and their rep count from the Pit and their race time are combined for a final score and placing.


With the relaunch of this much-beloved race series came high expectation from both the former participants and future ones as loved OCR course designer Garfield Griffiths was hired to design the revived event.  The team behind the scenes for the relaunch are a group of investors who experiences range from professional sports management and extensive event management to the food and beverage industry. With this diverse background of expertise from CMC the depth of knowledge was there to make the relaunch happen.

After spending three days embedded with the revamped CMC team. It is clear they have a strong vision for the future of CMC and their events. So far the company has five events scheduled for 2017 including two at the Foxwoods Casino. In speaking with the executive team at CMC, their goal is to create and event that is more than just a race. The CMC team is looking to create a weekend for its participants with race locations that offer lodging on or near the race as well as other activities for the whole family to enjoy. They want to create an experience where the event is part of the whole.

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As for the Fort Hamilton Relaunch, the event went off well. Participants both new and old to CMC converged on the Fort Hamilton Barracks in Brooklyn, New York for a steamy September day. The Pit was spectator friendly and throughout the day family and friends were cheering loved ones on as they gave it they're all. After the Pit, participants made their way over to the obstacle course section featuring both OCR favorites and a few new ideas from the mind of Garfield Griffiths. Overall, the course flowed well, and backups seem to be at a minimum. In the afternoon the kid's race featured a couple of hundred kids taking off on their own Mini Pit (next to the adult one) and kids obstacle course. It was a nice touch offering the kids the full hybrid experience.


For a relaunch, the team at CMC did well and rose from the ashes of the former CMC keeping the essence of the event while at the same time continuing to adapt it to the ever-changing OCR market. While improvements can always be made to any event, the CMC team spent the day walking around asking participants for feedback which will surely make its way into a future event.


For those looking for a unique and different type of obstacle course race, this is one worth checking out in 2017 and experiencing a Hybrid Obstacle Course Race.


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