Joshua Tree Climbing Salve

Organic care for strong, tough skin.

Like many obstacle course racers, I have developed some impressive calluses on my hands and feet from working grip strength and running on a regular basis.  There is nothing more frustrating than when you tear your callous or pop a blister and experience that raw, stinging discomfort that will ultimately sideline you for a few days while your body works to heal itself.

Joshua Tree Climbing SalveAfter speaking with fellow racers, I discovered the healing powers of Joshua Tree climbing salve.  This organic balm is primarily used to care for cuts, burns, and abrasions, but it works wonders as a solvent to condition your calluses and blisters. Joshua Tree climbing salve is made from essential oils and natural herbs and works to promote healing; it does not soften your callouses.  Our body produces callouses as a way to protect us from the elements, so we do not want to remove them all together, we just want to promote tougher skin so that we can make the most of every training day!

After using Joshua Tree salve, I have noticed a significant improvement in my ability to work grip strength and run for longer durations without the lingering fear of tearing my calluses or developing painful blisters.

You can purchase  Joshua Tree Climbing Salve from the seller on their website, or you can even get it on Amazon,

This product retails for $17.99.

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