Bonefrog Series and Richard Diaz of Diaz Human Performance have teamed up to offer obstacle course racing athletes unique training opportunities. The mutual endorsement of the two brands of each other is the latest in the partnerships of coaches and brands. For many obstacle racers who want to take racing to the next level finding a coach is a natural progression.

Together the two brands are offering packages for athletes ready to take that next step. More on the new partnership below.


What happens when the most badass OCR series and OCR performance coach join forces? BONEFROG and Richard Diaz are teaming up to offer athletes unique opportunities to train and race at their best.

BONEFROG and Richard Diaz of Diaz Human Performance announce a mutual endorsement and partnership, to bring athletes the best in the OCR business, offering unique opportunities to train and race at their best. Together, they will offer packages essential to anyone who is serious about taking their OCR game to the next level, including discounts on races, exclusive run clinics, coaching, gear, obstacle training and the invaluable experience gained from combining these two forces.

BONEFROG, The worlds only Navy SEAL obstacle course race was designed by Navy SEALs to challenge, build and inspire participants to become better athletes and to recognize that they can do anything they set their minds to. The one-and-only, Richard Diaz, known for coaching many of the best OCR athletes in the game, brings more than 20 years of experience working with endurance athletes, offers the advantage of the accessibility to a world-class coach and clinician to help them achieve their goals, with proven results.

DHP proudly supports this grassroots organization that works hard to produce quality events with the sweat of Veteran Navy SEALs who have already sacrificed so much for this country.

“I’m excited to partner with the BONEFROG team for their merit and excellence in OCR. They are known for putting on a superior race and inspire racers to become better athletes through their events.”

BONEFROG’s endorsement of Diaz Human Performance was a perfect fit for its ability bring out the best in an athlete’s performance. BONEFROG has awarded numerous podiums to DHP athletes and expects to see more as their running clinics continue to sell-out.

“BONEFROG is happy to endorse Diaz Human Performance for their incredible impact on the OCR community and specifically Elite Racers.  BONEFROG’s from coast to coast can now get world class coaching that will help them achieve the podium at our events as well as many others.”

Keep an eye out for an upcoming podcast on The Natural Running Network to hear more about this partnership and what to expect this year from BONEFROG.

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