If you know anything about me, you’ve probably seen that I celebrated my marriage in late 2019, to the most bad-ass woman you could imagine. We knew our combined badassery would be too intense for our metallic wedding bands, so after our engagement at the top of a beautiful mountain, I knew it was time to research alternative non-metal options for when we hit a workout or race. Basically, I am terrified of ring avulsion. Do not Google that if you have a weak stomach.

Enter GrooveLife silicone rings.

With a wide variety of styles and colors, including licensed logos from professional and college sports, each ring is etched with breathable “grooves” on the inside of the molded silicone ring.  These grooves, which allow for water and air to flow underneath, reducing friction and irritation, are especially important for those people, let’s call them Mud Run Guide readers, who hit the course and get mucked up with sweat and mud. Of course, I can't forget to mention the Spartan Race line of rings, complete with a red, blue and green Spartan Helmet for those trifecta chasers.

When I purchased my actual titanium wedding band, these grooves became even more apparent. The metal band came with a silicone ring with a flat groove-less inner area. I tried the new silicone band on once, and not only was it uncomfortable, but it was also a bit challenging to get off. GrooveLife allows for easy-on/easy-off as necessary. The flexible and durable nature of these rings makes them ideal for all activities.

I’ve worn GrooveLife rings for more than a year now, and have put them up to some great challenges. I’ve run multiple obstacle course races, on all types of venues, from the mountains, to flat areas; mud-filled disasters to fast and dry conditions; stadium races. I’ve taken on beautiful hikes and run great lengths on the local roads. I even wore a ring in Hawaii on my honeymoon, which magically vanished when I wiped out on a radical wave!

This brings me to another great selling point about GrooveLife: The company offers a lifetime “No B.S.” warranty on all of its products. If it stretches, breaks, you cut it off you lose it, they send you a new one immediately. No jumping through hoops. I had a new ring waiting for me when I returned from my Hawaiian adventure.

Recently the company released a line of Apple Watch bands, which they sent to me to review. The bands are made of the same flexible, yet durable material, and have that great grooved pattern on the skin-facing side of the band, to help ensure your watch-wearing experience is not only stylish, but also not a sweaty, uncomfortable mess.

I’ve worn the bands on an Apple Watch Series 3 for trail running throughout the beautiful Pacific Northwest, on a trail race, during a stadium race and on two muddy obstacle course races. The band has held its shape, stayed secure to the watch, and didn’t cause any irritation, due to the grooves.

Whether you’re married or engaged, love wearing rings as a fashion statement or are looking for a stylish and comfortable watchband, GrooveLife has a tremendous about of great options – all of which I recommend.

Check out all of GrooveLife’s offerings, here: www.groovelife.com


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