Bonefrog Challenge has announced a virtual challenge for racers during the COVID-19 crisis. This challenge will allow runners to earn a Bonefrog medal and finishers shirt depending on the level of challenge they finish.

The workout is a circuit that includes running, heavy carries and body-weight exercises.  The goal was to give racers a challenge that they could do wherever they are at without gym equipment. They do suggest that you have a backpack that you can put some weight in or something heavy you can use for the heavy carry.

The Challenge has different levels depending on how much you want to push yourself. The different levels determine how many times you complete the circuit itself.

Sprint is 1 time through the circuit
Challenge is 2 times through the circuit
TIER-1 is 3 times through the circuit

When you have completed the challenge they ask for you to upload your results to their Facebook, Instagram or Facebook group pages. After the completion of the challenge, you will be shipped a Bonefrog medal, shirt, and decal. Overseas and want to participate? Not to worry- International shipping is available!

You can find out more details about the challenge here Bonefrog Virtual Challenge Info and register at the following link: Bonefrog Challenge Virtual Event. 

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