These are, indeed, tough times for us all, but especially for those fighting the COVID-19 epidemic on the front lines. We here at Mud Run Guide try to make it a point to focus on those OCR-related companies who are going above and beyond to help our nation's first responders: our doctors, nurses, firefighters, and police officers. Over the past year, many of us have discovered the convenience of using the Shower Toga after finishing a muddy obstacle course race. Now, founders Kressa and Tony Peterson, along with their Shark Tank backer Mark Cuban, are making sure that as many Shower Togas as possible find their way into the hands of first responders who are looking to protect their loved ones.

The movement started when those behind the Shower Toga learned that several people who were fighting on the frontlines of the COVID-19 epidemic, and already owned a Shower Toga, were using them to get clean before entering their homes, therefore lessening the chance of spreading the virus to family members. They immediately responded by cutting the cost of all their products by 50% to all certified first responders.

Then, with the help of Cuban and other private donors, they were able to donate almost 1,000 Shower Togas in the span of about a week, to those who needed them most. Since many front-line workers do not have access to a shower at their place of work, having a Shower Toga at home allowed them to get clean using a simple garden hose or bucket of water outside, before entering the house (and without giving their neighbors a show). In addition, since the Shower Toga doubles as a bag, they could also use it to transport their dirty clothes directly into the washing machine.

The Petersons have received dozens of thank you letters from those they've helped, including this one from and ambulance crew in Minnesota:

“Big thank you to Shower Toga for their support for first responders and health care workers during this pandemic. They were able to assist us in getting Shower Togas for our service, so that we are able to have the option to wash off after a call. This will help protect us and our families”.

For those who have yet to purchase a Shower Toga for themselves (because the OCR season WILL eventually start up again), there is now a ‘Buy-One-Give-One' option on the Shower Toga website, where, for the regular price of one Shower Toga, you can get one for yourself, and donate another one to someone bravely battling this pandemic on the front lines.

If you already have one, or for those just looking to support the cause, there is also an option to simply make a donation. Shipments go out daily, and all donations go straight to putting Shower Togas into the hands of those who need them most. For more information, or to purchase or donate, visit

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