Funky Monkey The Revolution at Toughest Mudder East (Philadelphia).

An end of season tradition, Tough Mudder has opened its annual Obstacle Design Contest now to give people a chance to get their designs down while they are stuck at home.

If you’re a regular Mudder or even just a casual lurker on our social media, you’ve probably heard about the obstacle design competition. Now in its fifth year the competition asks anyone and everyone to get creative and design their very own dream Tough Mudder obstacle. We’d usually be running the competition at the end of the season, after several months of muddy action to feed Mudder Nation’s imagination, but as we all know by now the season is still a little way off and the majority of us are on lockdown, getting very well acquainted with our sofas.

So we thought, what better time to launch the Obstacle Design Competition 2020 than when everyone has some extra time on their hands? Grab a pen and paper, some toilet rolls or your laptop (whatever it takes to design an epic new obstacle) and start dreaming.

How to Enter: (From Tough Mudder)

Once you’ve executed your perfect obstacle design, snap a photo and send it to along with the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. The name of your obstacle
  3. Tell TM how your obstacle works and why it’s the best thing since dunking people in ice baths.

You have until May 14th and you can enter as many times as you like, although if you want to win quality is definitely better than quantity. “What will I win?” We hear you cry. The knowledge that you’re the best, most smartest, most creative Mudder in all the land of course. And, if your obstacle is really really good it may just make it onto a course in 2021 (hello Kong and Tipping Point).

Some Tough Mudder standards that have come from the design content including Tipping Point and Ball Buster.

You can find out more details at the Obstacle Design Contest here: Tough Mudder Design Competition

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