After a successful first version of the Bonefrog Virtual Challenge, Bonefrog opened up registration for the version 2.0 of their Bonefrog Virtual Challenge.

This challenge offers a new level of a challenge called the Endurance Challenge. The Endurance Challenge consists of the challenge level and three sprints in one go.  The challenges are bodyweight exercises combined with carries as it was for the first challenge, the goal is for anyone can do it no matter what equipment they have available.

Per the Bonefrog Website:

The Challenge has different levels depending on how much you want to push yourself. The different levels determine how many times you complete the circuit itself.

Sprint – 1 time through the circuit.
Challenge – 2 times through the circuit.
TIER 1 SOLD OUT – 3 times through the circuit.
Endurance – One Challenge race and three Sprint races all in one go. (Only available through Virtual Race 2.0)

The challenge consists of bodyweight exercises, two carries (where you can make something with a bag if you don’t have weights) and running. There are reps and distances for each level as well. NO GYM EQUIPMENT IS REQUIRED

It is 8 bodyweight exercises that include:

•  Pushups
•  Squats
•  Tricep dips
•  Sit-ups
•  Walking lunges
•  Knee to chest hops
•  Bear crawls
•  Frog builders
•  Carries (Heavy Carry and Overhead Carry, use anything you want for these. A Child, water bottles, tires, etc.) with a certain distance and 1/4 mile run after each completed exercise.

We made sure to keep away from things that required equipment as we don’t know how many people have access to equipment at this time. Once you register you will receive a link in the confirmation with the challenge and all info. We currently have no deadline for when the challenge needs to be completed, however, we will eventually be coming out with another challenge for those that are interested.

You will receive:
•  BONEFROG Medal (three medals available and goes along with the length you choose)
•  BONEFROG T-shirt (Randomly picked by our staff – you choose the size)

(Shipping is included and please allow 2 1/2 weeks for swag to arrive from when you register. Longer for Canada and International.)





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