I’ve been a fan of HYLETE ever since I got my first pair of their pants back in 2017 (seriously…take a look at this post from the weekend I got them below).  They make some great stuff so when it was time to pick a warmup hoodie and pants for the Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Team, we looked at their products first. In the end, we decided to go with the Ion Pants for the team so here is a quick review on some thoughts on them:

Comfort:  Just like the other HYLETE pants and shorts I own, the Helix II Pants , these pants are super soft and comfortable.

Fit and Colors:  The Ion pants are offered in both black and olive.  They have a more athletic type fit than some of the other HYLETE clothes that I own.  For warmup clothes, I think this is a better option than some of the looser fitting options I have.  The waist has a drawstring so if you put on or lose weight, they will still fit perfectly.

Material:  The pants are made from 79% Micro Recycled Polyester / 21% Spandex, giving them just a little stretch.  It allows makes them breathable and they will dry off pretty quickly.

Unique Features:  The pants have two normal pockets on the front but also a third pocket on the right hip.  I love this for storing more important items like cell phones, ID, or credit cards.  I find this comforting knowing I can warm up for a race without worrying about losing some important items.

Price:  The Ion pants are $92.  Although this is my first year wearing the Ion pants, I can say that all of HYLETE’s products are super durable.  The Helix pants I got in 2017 are still in great shape and I wear them multiple times a week.  I suspect the Ion will be of similar durability and plan on having them in great condition for the next couple of years.

Overall:  Overall, I love the HYLETE Ion pants as much as I love their other products.  HYLETE continues to bring top quality products for Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) athletes or anyone that enjoys working out.  I’ll continue to shop with them because I know whatever I get I’m going to love.  They also offer a “Performance Guarantee” that says “If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality or performance of your purchase, return it for a full refund within 60 days”, which I’ve never had to use.  Get comfortable this race season and wear HYLETE.

5/5 stars

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