My bestselling book, Strength & Speed’s Guide to Elite OCR was originally written in 2015/2016 and released in 2016.  Since then, the industry has gone through some significant changes.  Brands have risen and fallen, obstacles at the championship level have become harder and brands have continued to innovate.  Five years after the initial release, I updated the book and it is now available in digital format only from Amazon.

What’s new?

New Full Color Pictures:  Thanks to the amazing Stoke Shed (Bobby & Victoria Ross) there now a ton of great new pictures from races and events in 2019 and 2020.  With the book available currently only in digital format, the pictures can stay in full color without raising the cost of the book, really bringing the events to life.

Better Obstacle Tips: Since writing the initial book, I accumulated another 40+ overall podium finishes from everything to 2 mile races to 24 hour long races as well as combining experiences from record setting charity events.  To say I learned a thing or two about training for obstacles, obstacle completion and racing is an understatement.  From this I went through and revised, updated and added a ton of tips for both completing obstacles as well as obstacle specific training tips to help you show up race ready.

Updated Training Plans: The initial 12 running training plans in the book remain largely unchanged minus a couple of small tweaks.  I did however update some of the strength training to make it more simplified to use, thus more likely to be followed thoroughly.

Athlete Interviews: Another big change in the book is the back of the book was filled with elite athletes (largely from the BattleFrog Pro Team) who have largely left the sport and started focusing on other aspects of their life.  Due to this I also updated the interviews in the back keeping interviews from American OCR Legend Hobie Call and world champion Lindsay Webster while adding new ones from:

-100m OCR World Champion Thomas Van Tonder

-6x American Ninja Warrior finalist Michelle Warnky

-50x+ podium finisher and Master of the Rig Champion Jay Flores

-Savage Race Power couple “Air Force Ken” & Rachel Corigliano

-100+ podium finisher and Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Ashley Samples

-American HYROX team record holder Morgan Schulz

The Lindsay Webster interview wasn’t updated but I think it is even better now because the interview was done back in 2015 when she was still a rising star in the sport making her insight and training methodologies prophetic for future world champion level performances.  The Hobie Call interview wasn't updated either but it was between his 2nd and 3rd Spartan World Championship win, which also makes it very interesting in hindsight.

At $9.98, I would argue that this is the best thing you can buy to make you better at OCR for the price point.  With 12 training plans, nutrition tips, racing tactics, motivational techniques, interviews and more the book is a must have for anyone looking to improve at OCR.

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