Massachusetts (MA) American Ninja Warrior Gyms

A complete list of American Ninja Warrior gyms in Massachusetts

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Action Athletics
475 Washington Street
Wellesley,MA02482United States


Action Athletics is Boston’s premiere American Ninja Warrior training facility! With endless combinations of obstacles and unlimited configurations, our courses will challenge both beginners and Mt. Midoriyama veterans alike. Come try your skills on our Warped Wall, Double Salmon Ladder, Cliffhanger, Pipefitter “Terrible Tube of Terror” and Cannonball Alley. Not quite ready to try out for the show? Our dedicated Ninja Trainers can help you develop balance, agility, grip strength, and endurance at any age.

Limitations are temporary and impossible is just a suggestion. Beginners, seasoned athletes, kids, American Ninja Warriors, and obstacle course racers all train at Action Athletics. Since 2012 we have been pushing the limits of what it means to be a Boston Ninja. We are constantly adding to our obstacle arsenal, to continue developing our bodies and mental toughness to take on the most punishing tests of skill and strength anyone can imagine. For us, American Ninja Warrior isn’t just an obstacle course. It is an opportunity to showcase what we are capable of and inspire others to push their limits.

AMP Academy
288 Plymouth Avenue
Fall River,MA02724United States


AMP Academy is a movement training facility.

AMP Academy offers Ninja Warrior classes as well as Parkour, Yoga, Zumba, Buti Yoga (core intensive yoga), and CapoFit (a fitness class based on the Brazilian martial art of capoeira, which combines music, dance, and acrobatics with self-defense).

Some obstacles include:
Cargo Net, Double Salmon Ladder, Monkey Bars, Box Jumps (various heights), Ledge Wall (AMP's version of the Cliffhanger), Peg Board, Rock Climbing Wall, Tarzan Swing, 6′ Vertical Wall, 8′ Slanted Wall, 8′ Vertical Wall, 12′ Slant Wall Challenge, 13′ Slant Wall Challenge, Lache Bars, Parkour Strides, Wheel of Death, Globes (AMP's version of the Doorknobs), Pipe Grips, Quadruple Steps, Unstable Bridge, Hanging Trees, Floating Doors, Cannon Ball Hooks, Plank Walk.

Gymja Warrior
150R Andover St
Danvers,MA01923 United States


GYMJA WARRIOR is a gym with obstacles inspired by the Japanese TV hit Sasuke/American Ninja Warrior. Our age appropriate classes will be designed to meet our student’s skill levels with individual level coaching in limited size classes. Students will progressively learn how to express themselves through movement on all types of obstacles focusing primarily in improving full upper body strength in fun, challenging ways while teaching visually exciting and creative moves and techniques found in Gymnastics, Parkour, Freerunning and Rock Climbing.

Hub Parkour Training Center
253 Mansfield Ave.
Norton,MA02766United States


Hub PTC is a 6000sq/ft training center filled with permanent, and modular equipment to reset week to week. Our ninja program is run by Vince Klapper, ANW show contestant and competing Ninja Athete. Ninja at HUB is about control, strength, stealth and fun!

TA Fitness
54 Mathewson Dr
Weymouth,MA02189United States


Seen the show? Thought “I can do that!” or “Easy stuff”. Maybe even thinking about trying out for the show? Well time to step up and see. We offer classes with instructors who have been there and know what it takes to be a Ninja Warrior!

Obstacles include: Warped Wall 14 and 8 foot, Salmon Ladder, Lache Bars, 16ft Ring Toss, Cannonball Alley, Quad Steps, 16 ft Peg Board, The Ultimate Cliffhanger, Devil Steps, Floating Doors

Ultimate Obstacles
121 Shrine Ave.
West Boylston,MA01583United States


Ultimate Obstacles is New England's largest indoor training facility dedicated entirely to Ninja Warrior and Obstacle Race training. Our 12,000 square foot space features two separate obstacle course areas, one for adults and one for kids, and an area dedicated for training.

Our courses include many of the obstacles seen on the popular T.V. show “American Ninja Warrior”! Train for the show with the guidance of our experienced obstacle race competitor staff, compete in our competitions, or just have fun getting in the best shape of your life! We also have many of the obstacles you see at mud runs such as Spartan Race and Tough Mudder to prepare you to conquer those courses.

Our membership based programs give you many choices. We have monthly rates for anytime obstacle practice, daily passes, fitness classes or all inclusive memberships. The all inclusive memberships includes the anytime practice on the obstacles and classes as well. We have a program that is right for you!

Vitality Obstacle Fitness
1822 N Main St
Fall River,MA02720United States


Vitality Obstacle Fitness is the premier training facility in New England; whether you want to train on over 40 obstacles seen on Ninja Warrior or OCRs, or FINALLY get those fitness results you been looking for, this is the place and community for you! We offer Morning Bootcamps, Evening Conditioning Classes, and Freestyle Sessions.

Vitality Obstacle Fitness is a facility dedicated to strength. Using obstacles and functional training to help you reach your fitness goals! Some of our obstacles include:
1. Warped Wall 14ft

2. Warped Wall 11ft

3. Double Salmon Ladder

4. Cargo Nets

5. Monkey Bars

6. Quintuple Steps

7. Rope Swing

8. Unstable Bridge

9. Ring Swing

10. Cannonball Alley

11. Bulb Grasper

12. Up and Over Walls

13. Floating Doors

14. Traverse Rope

15. Traverse Wall

16. Pipe Bombs

17. Ring Toss

18. Hurdles

19. Cliffhanger

20. Peg Board

21. Hook Grasper

22. Slackline

23. Balance Tank

24. Rope Ladder

25. Rope Wall

26. Cannonball Peg Board

27. Sled Push and Pull

28. Flying Nunchucks

29. Flying Cliffhanger

30. Lache Bars

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