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Niagara Falls Canada Zombie Mud Run Canada 2014

September 13, 2014

Campark Resorts

9387 Lundy's Lane, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

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September 13, 2014

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Campark Resorts
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Race Start Time:

The first heat starts at 8:00am.
The last heat will be at 3:00pm.
Heats will go every half an hour.
There are 100 people per heat.
The special elite heat starts at 8:00am and this will be timed.
The survival party goes all day 8:00am to 4:00pm.
The campground will be open for over night stays and runners from out of town or country.


Campark Resorts
9387 Lundy's Lane
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada - View Map

Distance & Course Length:



Zombie Mud Run Canada

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Use discount code mrg for 25% off your registration


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Who’s Attending?

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Cost & Pricing:

Individual CostUntil
$61July 31st, 2014
$66August 30th, 2014
$70September 6th, 2014
$79September 13th, 2014

Discounts available for teams of 4 or more

What You Get / What's Included:

  • Zombie Mud Run Canada T-Shirt
  • Free Drink ticket
  • Survivor Medal or Infected Medal
  • Entrance to after party


Course Description:

The Course is surrounded by berms or small hills filled with lush vegetation, lots of trees and small open fields. The entire property is professionally landscaped and the course is also well maintained and trimmed. There will be at least 15 to 20 medium to difficult Obstacles. The run itself is tough and challenging, it will be difficult to win a survivor medal, but it can be done.

1. The Jumping wall - 4 feet high testing your jumping skill.
2. The Mud Ditch Tree Crawl - with numerous fallen (cut) trees to crawl under.
3. Monkey bar climber - A series of monkey bars to maneuver.
4. A Frame - 20 foot high slopped ladder up and down.
5. Dark Crawling box - A closed in corridor that you crawl under in darkness to get out.
6. A Frame Walls - This is two walls sloped against each other about 16 feet in the air. that you scale up and slide down.
7. Wooden Ladders - This is a series of wooden ladders to crawl up and down that start easy and get difficult.
8. Balance bars - A large box with 4x4 ladder structure to balance your way from one side to the other without falling.
9. Large Wooden Walls in a series - climb up and over numerous walls of different heights with hay bales to assist your ascend and descend.
10. 40 foot water slide - This has a climbing wall to the top of a 40' water slide that throws you very fast into a huge wooden water pit.
11. Floating water boards - This is a small pond that has floating water boards that you must run across without falling into water.
12. Mud Pit - A large pit of mud that is tough to get through,
13. Water Pit - A large boxed in water pit with nets to get under and out.
14. Jungle house - Closed in greenhouse with a jungle of vegetation and walls to make it around.
15. Corn run - Weave your way through 4 large rows of corn.
16. Mud Hills - Three large hills (20' high) to climb up and slide down into pits of water.
17. Balance Beam - You have to walk along a balance beam that zig zags.
18. Scary House - This is a large closed in corridor with fog and darkness to test your fear levels.
19. Electric fence - There will be a fencing compound to crawl under that has a small electrical trickle (safe) that you must crawl under.
20. Foam Pit - This will be a pit of foam to get through.

Aid Stations:

We will have aid stations every 3-5 obstacles. There will be hydration stations all through the course. There will be water, power drinks and food available at the finish line and before.


There will be an awards given out for the elite run in the morning. The age group is from 14 and up. They will be getting a cash prize or applicable prize to running.


Yes we will offer awards for best costume and muddiest runner.


Spectator passes are $10. The designated viewing area are where the main obstacles will be, at the start and finish lines. Spectators do get into the party for the ticket price.


Parking is FREE. It is street side and around the inside lot.

Post Party:

The Survivor Party is all day. There will be a band playing or DJ. The POE is the current entertainer. There will be food there and a beer vendor. The party will be awesome because we carefully search out a performer that can rock the house. There will be photo ops and other vendors and activities all around the venue.


We are supporting two charities, one is a local Charity - Project Share to benefit families who cannot afford to provide food. The other is supporting Gutsy Walk or the Crohns and Coloitis Foundation of Canada. We are offering addiitonal life lines to help you survive the race and support a great cause!


You are welcome to set up your own teams and highly encouraged to so that the run is easier and survival odds greater. There is no special scoring for teams. You can have a team as big as you want and but no greater than 100. Team Discounts are available, the larger the team, the more you save. Teams are recommended to dress up in team outfits, costumes or anything they please as long as it covers the bathing suit areas.

Coupons / Discount Codes:

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