When is the right time to get tested for InsideTracker?

Finding out what is going on inside your body is always valuable - even if it just confirms your training & recovery plan is following the right path.

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Race Recap: Evansville Police Foundation SWAT Challenge 2021

Hillary Greene took part in planning and then took on the Evansville Police Foundation SWAT Challenge 2021 - read all about it!

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Gear Review: HYLETE Incline Shorts

HYLETE Incline Shorts. I’m a huge fan of HYLETE’s products.  From backpacks to pants, everything I’ve picked up from their website has been top notch.  I picked up a pair of the Incline shorts and here are a couple of quick thoughts on them as well as some thoughts if you should add [...]

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Race Review: Savage Blitz MD Spring 2021

Our very own OCR Mud Master takes on Savage Race Maryland - here's Larry's recap!

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Race Recap: Highlander Assault, Dark Ages II

Kilts, Bagpipes, Mud, and a MOAT! Highlander Assault recap!

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Rising with the Sun: New “OCR” Documentary

100m OCR World Champion and Red Bull athlete, South African Thomas Van Tonder recently set out to accomplish the insane feat of climbing a 95 meter rope (approximately 285 feet) and trying to set a world record in the first 50 meters!

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Race Recap: Spartan Race Montana Trifecta Weekend

Spartan's Back - check out seth's Montana Trifecta Weekend recap!

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Volition Chiropractic and Building Local OCR

With the effects of COVID and quarantine it is more important to support local businesses more than ever during this time.  In my biased opinion, I also like to support Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) related businesses if possible.  So when fellow OCR athlete Dr. Alexis Buford opened her chiropractic office, Volition Chiropractic, I stopped by [...]

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The Unseen Cost of Poor Traction

Conquer The Gauntlet starts off one of their 2020 races with a muddy start. Any time someone picks up a new pair of trail or Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) shoes, they want them to have good traction.  After all, who wants a pair of shoes that slip around in the mud or on [...]

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Tough Mudder Is Back, with New and Returning Partners for 2021 Global Event Season 

Tough Mudder & New Global Partners Support a Safe Return to the Mud BOSTON, Mass. (April 21, 2021) - Tough Mudder, the global experiential fitness entertainment brand announces a diverse roster of partners in advance of its 2021 season kick-off this weekend in Atlanta. The partnerships unite world-renowned brands with a global community of outdoor enthusiasts [...]

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