Online OCR Training & Coaching

Once you get hooked on the excitement, competitiveness, fitness (and fun, of course) that surround the sport of OCR's events and community, you want more. Training and motivation are key; if you want to perform better, recover faster, and become a fitter, faster, more competitive athlete, you can benefit greatly from the motivation of having a regimented training plan developed by professionals. The best part? No gym membership is required, and can be performed wherever you are in the world, on your own schedule.

Beginners – If you're looking to get into the sport of OCR, or you're a first-timer at training, we've got you covered with a FREE Beginner's Guide that includes FAQ's, excuse-busting mental preparation, gear do's and don'ts, tips & tricks, and a comprehensive list of what events are the best for all levels of athletes. In the grid below, we offer the Free MRG Training from one of our books, Ultimate Obstacle Race Training to get you started.

Experienced Athletes – Below are some of the most popular training programs that offer online training that can be tailored to specific athletes' needs, with more information on each after this handy-dandy comparison chart:

Yancy CampTough TrainingObstacle DominatorEndurance ProjectObstacle Race Training
Discount/Incentive 10 Free packets of BeetElite w/new subscription2-Month Starter Package for $99/mo, use code MRGComplete Training Package $97, save $5 w/ code MRG5$20 per monthly WOD$10 per week 
Program LengthOngoing, multiple program levels with plans customized for you – and you can also plug in plans from different OCR athletesContinuous goal-oriented training(6) different workout plans ranging from four to fifteen-plus weeks in length(6) month-long workout plans4-week Beginner course

10-week Advanced course

Contact With CoachVirtual training via emailYes, Monday, Wednesday, & Friday in Scottsdale, AZ
Virtual online training, 1 hour/mo. via Skype
No, all materials contained in 325 page manual, videos, interviews, etc.Not included in monthly plans, Contact Dennis Welch for professional trainingOnline via private Facebook group
Workouts Per Week 5-7 depending on level 3-5 depending on level3-7 depending on plan3-5 depending on level 3-7 depending on level


Yancy Camp

Yancy Camp provides Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) athletes from all levels of fitness with an effective and inexpensive way to team up with a top level athlete to get an insider’s view into their training program. You’ll have weekly updated online access to 3 of the same workouts being performed by the OCR athlete of your choice.
Get 10 FREE Packets of BeetElite with Your New Subscription with Yancy Camp!

Tough Training


A custom-programed weekly workout based on your needs and goals, includes peaking and tapering for specific events. Train live in Scottsdale, AZ or remotely anywhere in the world!

Mud Run Guide Exclusive 2-Month Starter Package for $99/mo. use code MRG

Endurance Project


The Endurance Project is a group dedicated to all things fitness. No matter your goals, passion, or athletic pursuit, we are here to make the impossible, possible. We specialize in coaching/consulting athletes of all fitness levels, to achieve whatever it is you desire. Whether you are going from the “couch to 5k”, wanting to improve your marathon time, take on your first triathlon, get muddy in an obstacle course race or, go as far as to run 100 miles …whatever it is, we can get you there.

We have a unique method of simultaneously building true aerobic endurance, while also building strength, agility,  power, balance, mobility, and speed. We utilize a variety of heavy weight lifting, sled pushing/pulling, lots of jump roping, incline workouts, plyo-metrics, stability drills, cadence and turnover drills, as well as many other sport specific strength exercises and movements. We believe the best sport specific athletes, are the ones that are the most well rounded athletes.

Endurance Project Monthly Wods

Obstacle Dominator


We creatively, intelligently and scientifically mashed up every training technique on the face of the planet – from Ironman triathlon-style training to marathoning to Crossfit to powerlifting to bodybuilding to rowing and we created an obstacle race training plan unlike anything that has ever existed: an obstacle racing plan designed for the distinct purpose of getting you fit fast for obstacle racing if you’re just getting started, and allowing you to absolutely dominate obstacle racing with zero guesswork if you’re a seasoned athlete.

  • Obstacle Dominator Training Manual
  • Pro Athlete Insider Interview Series
  • Obstacle Dominator Video Instructions
  • How to Create Your Own Obstacle Course
  • Complete Nutrition Plan for Obstacle Training & Racing
  • Unconventional Obstacle Course Training Guide
  • and much more!

Obstacle Dominator Package with Ben Greenfield & Hunter McIntyre. Save $5 with code MRG5

Obstacle Course Training


BEGINNER and ADVANCED programs. You choose whether 4 or 10 weeks.

The short course program, over 4 weeks, for those that are new to obstacle racing or new to running and want to confidently take on a short course obstacle race. Whether it be to keep up with your friends  or wanting to lead off the elite short course heat, this program progressively gets you there.

The advanced program is designed for experienced racers who have run multiple races and want to take your racing to another level. This program contains elements from Jon, Ryan and Matt’s personal training and offers 10 weeks of programming to help you achieve your goal.

Both programs also include advice and exercises for reducing injury and better run mechanics by movement expert Glenn Phipps.

Obstacle Course Training

Other Training

Spartan SGX Training / Obstacle Specialist


Spartan Obstacle Specialist Training = Less Burpees. This one-day, 6-hour live class explores Spartan Race’s toughest obstacles and provides a step-by-step, progressive training strategy that can be scaled for all fitness levels.

20% off w/code MRG20 (Note: Code may be seasonal and change without notice)

Mud Run Guide Free Training


Use these free step-by-step series of programs taken from Brett Stewart's Ultimate Obstacle Race Training to conquer any course by developing the full-body physical strength and fearless mental endurance needed to conquer every obstacle on any course.

Free Mud Run Guide Program: Ultimate Obstacle Race Training