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The Story
BONEFROG was created by Navy SEALs to challenge, build and inspire participants to become better athletes and recognize that they can do anything they set their minds to, while enjoying the camaraderie and teamwork usually reserved for active duty Navy SEALs.

The Course
With at least 30 military-style obstacles on courses that range from 3-9 miles, the course will test everyone and leave no one unscathed. We attempt to place an obstacle about every ¼ mile, so your running ability alone will not carry the day. You must be functionally fit to succeed here. You will get muddy. You will get beat up. You will be exhausted. But you will finish. Did we mention sand? You will get to know what it means to be “wet and sandy” just like we were at BUDS. As Navy SEALs, we know what tough is – and we don’t mean Harvard.

Team or Individual
Our event will foster camaraderie, period. Form a team ahead of time or link up with others when you get here. This is a great way to challenge your friends and create lasting bonds.

Family Event

As Navy SEALs we have been forced to spend a great deal of time away from our families. As a result, whenever we can, we include the entire family in all that we do. BONEFROG offers fun and activities for all ages! Let the kids come watch you race and then let them loose on our Tadpole kids course where they can play in the mud and race on scaled down obstacles just like mom and dad.

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May 23, 2016 by William Beck

All my races to this point have been easy local races. This was brutal. Fun, challenging, packed a lot of different terrain into a race held at one place. For me the the obstacles were manageable, not easy but could do them. If there was a down side, water stations were empty towards the end. I went in the 11AM wave. Going back next year.

Bone Frog Challenge - The true best of the best!

Nov 09, 2015 by JB

I have run just about every race out there to date. I have run from Zombies and Ninjas... Defeated the Devil's Tri-Fecta... Been shocked while being Tough... and kept my band twice on the OCR World level and everything in between! But I have never run a race that has meant more to me than the Bone Frog Challenges. I had run the Massachusetts version twice before, but had missed last year's Tri-State and was very anxious to check out what those SEAL's could do with flatter terrain. They did not disappoint!

This was truly no one's race. What I mean is that if you were a runner, the switchbacks in the beginning would not let you get into a rhythm. But, the distance in the beginning with sporadic obstacles did not let the power athletes get into a groove as well. In other words, the SEALs did to us what was done to them in training, they took us out of our comfort zone! Bastards!!!

The great usage of the motorcross track, new angles on old favorites (Oh, wanna carry some heavy stuff, ok... Do it under wires, up and down a sandy hill and let's do it all again in the opposite direction!!!) Just when you felt all good and warmed up, (it was a tad chilly that morning), after a lovely little run in the woods, they dunked you in a short water crossing. And then a fun romp thru a swamp!

Shortly after, you were hitting A Frames, Vertical Cargo Nets and a fun little game where your fate was truly laid out in the cards, annnnd another longer dunk in the water. Did I mention it was a tad chilly? And then after making sure we were nice and sandy, they had the nerve to hit us with a memory quiz! Jerks...

On the home stretch is where the SEALs nasty genius became very apparent. You were hit back to back to back with obstacles that truly pushed you. Your agility, your grip, your stamina, your grip, your legs, your grip, your upper body annnnnd, your grip were tested time and time again! But as you approach Bone Frog Challenge's signature obstacle, "Black Ops", all your fatigue is forgotten. No matter how exhausted you may be, the sight of the Finish Line and Old Glory in all her Majesty injects you with Nitro! As you work your way across those rising monkey bars, you see a Navy SEAL cheering you on and reaching out to give you a hand over those last few feet... Absolutely AMAZING!!!

As you cross the Finish Line, a young warrior puts your medal across your neck and congratulates you. What a great time!

My 2016 race season is already being planned out and at the top of my calendar it says, "WHEREVER Bone Frog Challenge goes!" I suggest you do the same...

Nov 07, 2015 by Jill

I ran the Bone Frog on Oct 24th and cannot say enough on how much it rocked! I've always considered myself a Spartan and did the Battle Frog here earlier this year but my search is over. Bone Frog is the best OCR I've seen and has definitely raised the new bar for OCR's. The obstacles were top notch and the staff is second to none. They delivered more REAL obstacles than all the rest combined and that's what we're all here for you right? I agree with some of the other comments that changing tents and water stations could have been better but when comparing the 50+ OCR's I've done in the past its no contest that Bone Frog has humungus potential. Keep it up SEALs. Yes have a devoted racer that is here to stay! Next time I'm bringing an army!

Nov 06, 2015 by John

I've done several different OCR's, but this was my first BoneFrog. The course was done well, especially considering the terrain and venue available. Good use of the dirt track for some elevation (hard to come by in that part of Jersey). The obstacles were well done. There were some nice twists to obstacles that I thought I knew (like carrying an ammo box, only to have to drag it under a barbed-wire crawl at the half-way point of the obstacle).

Only two suggestions for race organizers for future events: A changing tent/privacy area would have been most welcome. As it was pretty chilly and wet and the race left participants a bit "soiled" it would have been nice to have a place to at least change to keep the dirt out of personal vehicles. And maybe keep some private parts from being seen by everyone else in the parking lot.

Number 2 would be have spread out the obstacles at the end of the event a bit more. I loved it all, but my arms felt as if they were going to fall off due to the overwhelming upper-body obstacles at the end. The beginning was remarkably obstacle clear (only about 3 in the first two miles although this did spread out the participants a bit).

Go big or go home!

Nov 06, 2015 by Mike

After getting myself back into shape I wanted to challenge myself to the hardest race out there.... I found it in the Bone Frog! With all of the elevation changes and obstacles, it challenged me more than I ever have been before. Awesome race run by Heroes! Next spring can't get here soon enough.

A serious OCR experience

Nov 06, 2015 by John Paradis

The Bonefrog Challenge is a serious OCR. But you would expect no less from the SEALS. I've competed in 35+ Tough Mudders and have nearly 600 miles of OCR experience and the Bonefrog Challenge is second to none. The course is great but the environment is even better. Don Tocci and the team deliver. first class challenge. I will be back in 2016!!

Worthwhile OCR

Nov 06, 2015 by Laura

As someone who has completed several brands of OCR (Spartan, Battlefrog, etc.), I would say that this event falls in the category of more obstacle-oriented events. I ran Battlefrog Xtreme NJ 2015, also at Raceway Park, both events used the available terrain to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, Raceway Park had a racing event at the same time as Bonefrog this time, so Bonefrog wasn't able to utilize part of the terrain that Battlefrog had been able to use, but Bonefrog seemed to manage.

As others have mentioned, yes, this was relatively flat terrain -- more of a runner's course. If you are looking for great elevation change, you won't find it at BFX. If you like to run, you will be completely satisfied.

The obstacles were challenging, especially for the upper body, and extremely well-built. Every obstacle seemed to be double and triple reinforced for safety. I loved the military emphasis on the course -- a memory test about the charities the event supported and a weapon used; one burpee for each fallen SEAL, repeating the fallen SEAL's name aloud (this was exceptional); SEALs on the course to encourage you; the Memorial Wall that was empty at the beginning of the day but filled with messages by day's end; and the unmistakable big American flag at Black Ops.

Running the Tier-1 challenge is really the way to go at this event if you were unsatisfied with the 9 mile challenge. If you think it's "too easy", try hitting Black Ops the 2nd time around after you have been plunged into cold water 4 times. The arm sleeves sponsored by Memorial Mudders given to Tier-1 finishers were great too, different from other OCRs.

Registration and packet pickup were a piece of cake, no long lines, heaters provided, well-organized and managed.

Race timing was available as soon as you crossed the finish line, and you could even print out your results.

Plenty of free photos available a few days after the event.

T-shirts were subtly designed and very comfortable and soft. The medals were great too.

I basically have 2 negatives about this event. Most events give you at least a bottle of water and/or banana after the event, but you had to purchase all post-race food and drink. Maybe that's my road-running background talking, but many OCRs give at least a bottle of water. The second negative was that there were no gender-specific changing tents -- the guys basically had nowhere to go because the women took the 3-sided tent behind a building -- not great, but better than being 100% exposed to the entire race venue.

Overall, this is a good race which will tax you physically. I don't understand the reviewers who said it wasn't hard enough -- any race is as hard as you make it -- if you want to make it harder, carry 2 sandbags, or run faster. No offense, but each individual can make the race as challenging as he or she wants. Definitely consider this race for next year -- I look forward to seeing what they throw at us next year!

Don't Buy The Hype

Nov 06, 2015 by Damon

It's hard to give this race a bad review, however, it isn't deserving of all the accolades that many reviewers give it. I'd say overall it is very average. I'd love to give it 2 1/2 stars out of 5.

The Bone Frog Challenge is touted as one of the most difficult OCRs, so it was a shock when I realized how easy to moderate is was to complete.there was very little challenging in the running portion because, as other reviewers have mentioned, the terrain was relatively flat. There were very few obstacles the first 7 miles, then BAM, obstacle overlaoad during the last two. They could have been spaced better (even if their intent was to load more toward the end, there could've been more early on). Next, while the water stations were well equipped and frequent, there were no calories on the course.

Next, there were many obstacles without volunteers. This means people were skipping some obstacles with NO penalty. I signed up for this race because I read that you HAD to complete the obstacle or do the penalty. I read that there was NO walking by the obstacles, but this is exactly what was happening. I'm not sure if they didn't have enough volunteers, or if they intended it this way, but it was dies appointing to say the least (the volunteers who were on course were quite positive and helpful though).

That's the extent of the negatives. It wasn't that BAD but it just wasn't great. There was a lot to be desired. They did do a nice job with the finisher's tee shirt, medal, and lots of free pictures for download after the event. I didn't experience much backup at obstacles like other reviewers, so that was a plus.

Overall, this was a decent OCR. Not great and not bad. Just average. I would not do another Bone Frog at this venue and tentative about doing another one at all. I may try one in 2016 held on mountainous terrain, but I may not. I am still undecided.

Must Do OCR Race!

Nov 04, 2015 by Jim L

This was my 3rd Bone Frog Challenge and each race has given me a unique experience. In my opinion this race has the best obstacles out there. Your agility, endurance and upper body strength are challenged consistently as you make your way through the course. I particularly enjoy that a lot of the obstacles have multiple sections. My upper body was taxed for numerous days after the race. In addition the Bone Frog Challenge has a Patriotic feel that does not exists at other races. The staff is friendly and you can tell they are genuine. Whenever possible I will make the effort to do these races as they live up to the billing!

Awesome Event

Nov 04, 2015 by Constantine

I've run several OCR's at Race Way in Englishtown, NJ and this past Bone Frog Challenge on October 24th was above and beyond the best race yet!! Although this OCR was limited by the venue's terrain, in true SEAL fashion they designed a course layout that tested even the elite. I've been following Bone Frog's success since I ran their first race outside New England in Staten Island, NY October 2014. They delivered an amazing race once again!! A few things to note:

THE EVENT AREA: Clean very well organized, simple easy to navigate and the volunteers where so incredibly helpful! Race Day morning was in the low 40's to start the day, not ideal weather to stand in long lines waiting. No worries here though registration was super quick AND they had heaters in the cue line to keep us all warm! Nice touch!! Registration was really quick and so well organized, followed by the secured bag check tent which was also very efficient. No more then maybe 10 minutes to register and check my bag.

THE COURSE: Well marked with 5/6 water stations (can't remember exactly), really good mix of very tough obstacles, low crawls and carries. The Bone Frog crew does an awesome job with obstacle design and address some major safety concerns other OCR's overlook. My favorite obstacle of all OCR's is Black Op's. Black Op's is HUGE and has such a presence in the event area, when you finally approach it just before the finish line you're thinking "You've got to be kidding me"! When you complete the obstacle the sense of accomplishment is AMAZING! My least favorite obstacle is Get-A-Grip because I couldn't complete in SINY and I couldn't complete in NJ! I will complete this obstacle in NE, oh yeah I'm signing up for NE May 2016!

SWAG: Finisher shirts area the most comfortable I've ever received, finisher medals are super cool. racer bags are cool draw string bags with Navy SEAL Foundation and Bone Frog Challenge.

Showers, typical of an OCR but would like to have changing tents available with His/Her showers.

Overall Bone Frog Challenge delivered in a huge way at the end of the OCR season. Their evolution has and will be one to watch. I found a new race to remain loyal to and will continue to run Bone Frog Challenge OCR's over others from now on!

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