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HARD CHARGE ain't your weekend 5k. Our obstacle racing missions are designed to test the speed, strength and stamina of all participants, from seasoned obstacle racing veterans to newbies and everyone in between. Courses range from 4-6 miles and are filled with challenging obstacles, unpredictable terrain – and, of course, lots of mud. Choose your mission and get ready to have an awesome time!

CHARGE for Fun – Run our course for fun with a team or individually. Help your team members over, under or through the obstacles on your way to our post-race party featuring music, food, and beverages.

CHARGE for Glory – Show what you're made of and compete in our timed heats for your chance to be seen on TV. Team and individual competitions will be held by age bracket.

HARD CHARGE events will be held throughout the country in 2013. Registration is now open!

The Fun. The Challenge. The CHARGE!

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Jul 03, 2014 by Jamie Heskett

My friends and I so enjoyed the 2014 event we jumped on the early bird sign up. Now you are canceling all events and not refunding our entry fee?? I don't think so.

Event Cancelled?

Jul 03, 2014 by Heather

My husband and I signed up for Hard Charge Peoria for September. We got an email today saying that all future events are cancelled! So we are out $130?! How do we get our money back? We have no contact information and the website is completely shut down!


Jul 03, 2014 by Jd

How do you cancel the event, shut down all your web sites

Hard Charge Tucson

Apr 10, 2014 by Tanya

This was my first time running in a Hard Charge race AND in an elite division. I decided to sign up last minute and was glad I did so. I ended up 4th in my age group and 11th overall females.

The Location: Most of the mud runs in Tucson are at the fair grounds or Old Tucson Studios so it was nice having one held at a new location (MC Motorsports). Parking was organized and the CHARGER Village was nicely laid out allowing spectators to see the final obstacles and finish line.

The course: This race was 4.2ish miles and had several unique obstacles.I agree with Eric in that the obstacles were very sturdy. The course designer incorporated part of the Motorcross course into the run, which was like a weird concrete maze. This was another race (like Spartan) that had more than just walls and cargo nets...it had a deep freeze water obstacle, the popular monkey bars over water, hanging ladders, carrying 50 lb + "gas tanks" and the abusement park rock wall with a pole slide! There were parts of the course that had longer stretches of running, but they made up for it at the end where you have multiple obstacles in a row for all to see. I also had trouble with the 8 ft wall towards the end. I was able to grab onto it, but I ended up in the penalty box. boo. The vibe at the race was awesome. The spectators and cameras gave you that extra boost at the end, which was great.

I was not able to stay for the later heats, but I did not see as big of a turnout as the other well-known races. I think I came across the Hard Charge race on some of the mud run sites. Other than that, I did not see a lot of advertising for it. I think they would have had more of a turnout with better advertising.

Overall, I had fun and enjoyed the course. I hope this series continues to grow. I'm ready to sign up for the next one!

Hard Charge Az

Apr 09, 2014 by Eric

My Hard Charge experience.

This was my first Elite race so I was a little nervous. But to my surprise I came in 5th in my age group 12th overall in the Elite mens race.
The Race
I was really impressed by the set up of the obstacles as they were built very well making you feel very safe. There was a good balance between running and obstacles. The obstacles were challenging but not to the point where they are impossible to do. There is a 1 minute penalty box if you could not complete the obstacle. As a male competitor I did not have trouble on any of of the obstacles. As for my wife who ran the womens elite, the only obstacle she had trouble with was the 8ft wall. For someone who is 5’2, she had trouble reaching the top as there is no plank step towards the bottom. She ended up having to take the penalty. So I would suggest they put a plank on the bottom to help the shorties out. Also, they only had one deep freeze obstacle open(when there were 2 of them available) for the elites which I found inconvenient having to wait for the people ahead of me to go through. Another area I think they could improve on was the lack of volunteers, and the little poles with tiny flags marking the course. These factors made it easy to lose your way. I did run the wrong way for a bit and lost time & strength while doing so. My favorite part of Hard Charge was the Abusement park at the end. It was challenging but so much fun. I liked the rock climb wall as it is not something I have ever seen in any other obstacle race. Sliding down the pole and dashing to the finish was also very cool.

I did notice that there wasn't a huge turnout for this event. Maybe due to that it was little pricey for an event not known as much as Spartan Race or Tough Mudder. I know I had at least a group of 5 or more people that would have gone had there been a better deal.

This is a televised event, and there were cameras everywhere. I liked it as it pushed me to perform better. There was a moment at the beginning where you are trailing an atv with a camera, which kicked up a lot of dust and made it a little hard to breath.

Overall this was a really fun challenging race. I enjoyed the variety of obstacles and the construction of them as well. I will definitely charge for glory in the future.

Hard-Charging Event!

Mar 30, 2014 by Brett

The Hard Charge crew puts on a really good event; a quality course with some challenging obstacles and a prety amazing final half mile "abusement park" that is extremely fan-friendly (and TV-friendly) while challenging athletes to give their final drop of energy to race to the finish!
Hard Charge Tuscon ranks in my top-5 OCR experiences ever, and I can't wait to do another one!

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