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With over 30 obstacles in a 5K challenging you with everything from wind, height, sliding, climbing, and yes, mud. It’s an experience to remember with friends. Build a team and come become a Mud Titan!

Charity: The Youth Alliance #52-2306324. The Youth Alliance (TYA) deliver powerful messages of hope and encouragement to students in cities across America. “We believe your community’s greatest assets are not in its buildings, but in the students themselves.”

TYA offers numerous presentations for student populations, including anti-bullying programs. We are extremely active in central FL. Last year alone, TYA was in 100 plus schools in Pasco, Hillsborough, Polk, and Pinelas counties.

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Cant wait for the next one

Mar 21, 2016 by Jonathan Martinez

Loved every second of it! bets local race I have ever been to. I will def be coming back for next one.

Awesome Mud Titan!

Mar 15, 2016 by Maurie West

This was our first Mud Titan and it was a blast. I did it with my kids and it was such an awesome time. Fun terrain and obstacles. It could be challenging for adults but kid friendly, too. We'll be at the next one!

Great Run

Mar 15, 2016 by Bryan Romero

This was my second Mud Titan and it never disappoints! Great mix of difficulty in obstacles. A lot of difficult ones that leave you wanting to do the next event to face them again! Already signed up for the next one!

Mar 15, 2016 by Grant Dumas

Loved it! Tons of great obstacles, challenges and awesome trails. Festival area was also full of fun.

Highly Disappointed Volunteer

Sep 30, 2015 by Disappointed Volunteer

I have volunteered for a few mud runs and this one is not volunteer friendly. From the beginning, the treatment of volunteers was ludicrous. There were not enough shirts for volunteers, so leftovers from other events were offered. Many volunteers were dropped in wooded areas with little to no direction to best assist runners. Some volunteers even went without receiving their lunches or any water while at their assigned obstacle for more than 3 hours. A handful of volunteers were left behind when it was time for the volunteer run and other volunteers stepped up to go and find the volunteers left behind. This was in no way how someone volunteering their time should have been treated, no one should be treated in such a way PERIOD! It was even more disappointing to know that the EMT left shortly after the volunteers began their run. The thought of someone being hurt and not having the medical assistance near was terrifying. During the course of the run, volunteers would not have the opportunity to be photo’d and while running the course, there was no water left or anyone to guide the runners in the correct direction. It is just really saddening to know that volunteers went unappreciated. I WILL NEVER EVER, volunteer or even run as a paid runner for The Mud Titan mud runs. I will be posting this review on every social media website that I have and can gain access to.

Bad choice for volunteering

Sep 21, 2015 by Mary

Came with a team of more than 30 volunteers - we will never do Mud Titan again. We worked from 6:30 until well past noon. Some of our volunteers were literally dumped at their stations miles from the check-in area and left to rot. We had to go looking for them ourselves. We ran dead last, no water left on the course, no photographers to take our pictures, the EMT's were already gone; the owners were literally taking the obstacles down as we ran. This was not a charity event, it is a for-profit event. How do you treat your volunteers like that? It was a disgrace.


Sep 20, 2015 by jean mckimmey

Curious how many runners in this event have come down with infections. The smell of raw sewage was evident

Best Yet

Nov 06, 2014 by robert peterson

Run was nice through the woods with a few creek crossings. The obstacles were amazing. tougher than most. Constant challenge. LOVED IT.

Lots to like

Dec 14, 2013 by Dave

I ran in the Mud Titan last weekend on Dec 7th. This was the second mud race that I participated in. My first one was Savage Race that was held October 19th in Dade City Fl. In my mind, even well prior to the race I felt that Mud Titan would be at a big disadvantage and I wasn't completely wrong. First, the event had undergone a recent name change from Mudzilla that was due to some sort of trademark infringement or something like that. Their website for a lack of a better word, "sucked". You couldn't see photos of the obstacles or the race to get an idea of what to prepare for. It would have been nice to know about the metal rings hanging from ropes in advance. To this day, the website is terrible and I would recommend to simply shut it down if they don't want to improve it. Anyone looking at this race for the first time would think it was a joke going by that website. It was hard to take the event seriously when nothing looked professional on the site. As a result, I didnt train much and another buddy cancelled citing he had better things to do that weekend. Savage had a much more polished marketing team and website. You knew going into Savage you needed to be ready and that the event was a big deal. Another negative that really didn't set a good tone for me was the fact that I set up a team, got registered early and ended up paying more than almost everyone else who participated in the race. They ran a groupon promo after I had signed up that was substantially less than what I paid. The only difference besides price was that my registration indicated I would get a free t shirt. I found out the groupon runners ended up getting the free shirt too. So basically, I paid an additional fee that I think was $10 to create a team and beg people to run this with me and sell this event for them and in return I got a tiny discount but winded up paying almost double what most of the people out there had paid. So, with all this stuff I am bitching about, how did I rate it 4 stars? Well, it's because they made up for all of the flaws in other areas. My friends and I chose this race because it seemed like it would have a lot of obstacles and the FAQ indicated you could bring your own booze as long as no bottles. Sold! It was a beautiful day and after the race my buddies and I pitched some chairs near my car and hung out with a few brews soaking in the sun. No one gave us a hard time about our open containers. Perhaps you dont care about that since many of you are more healthy than I, so I will talk about the race itself. A 5k I figured would be a breeze. After all, only 2 months prior I completed the 7 mile Savage Race. This will be a mere tuneup. Wrong! Mud Titan had a lot of obstacles and I mean legitimate obstacles. Savage had several challenging ones, but not as many hard ones as Mud Titan. There was an obstacle called super ninja that I was very proud I completed. On that one I experienced fatigue, pain, and even a fear for my life as I looked down from the top ring and saw part of the support post sticking out in what seemed like an insanely dangerous proximity to where anyone falling could potentially hit. Mud Titan didn't have the look of a high budget event like Savage and some of the obstacles you wondered if they were built strong enough to handle the volume of runners. But, it was a great race and a very challenging course. Most importantly, it was fun. The facebook site is way better than the actual website. They posted lots of pictures of the race on facebook and I was able to find some with my friends which I shared on my wall for free. That sure as hell beat the obnoxious pricing that Savage wanted to charge for their pics. All in all, I am glad I did Mud Titan. There are some things they can improve, but I liked that it wasn't too commercial like others and they didnt try to squeeze an extra nickle out of every dime you spend. I will keep this race in my rotation for sure...

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