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Overview“An Epic Day of Rugged Glory”, Nationwide locations
Events(20) 2014
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Distance3.2 miles
Terrain“Rugged Gauntlet of Glory” – You’ll figure it out!

Looking for adventure? How about a day filled with 25 epic obstacles, a crazy party, and plenty of beer? Rugged Maniac Obstacle Race has you covered! Here's how it works: Sign up for the race and you'll run our 3-mile course where you'll climb towers of shipping containers, rocket down a 50′ water slide, bounce on trampolines, jump over fire, and more!

Before and after your run, you'll get to party with thousands of other maniacs in our day-long festival where you can ride mechanical bulls, pretend to be a kid in our adult bounce houses, and dance your butt off in the festival and enjoy lots of new games and activities. As if that wasn't awesome enough, you also get a high-quality t-shirt, an awesome medal, free professional race photos, and a beer (if of legal drinking age) with your registration!

Unlike the other guys, we don't nickel and dime you with ‘insurance' and ‘processing' fees that add $30 or more to your registration cost. You'll pay the price listed on the event page plus any tax required by the man. That's it. So what are you waiting for? Reserve your preferred start
time today!

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Favorite Brand of OCR

Apr 24, 2014 by Melissa J

Rugged Maniac was my first race and I've done it every year since.
It's definitely not the hardest but it is a lot of fun
All mud running, no concrete. Plenty of obstacles and improve every year. This is a great beginner race and also a race to just have fun on, wear a costume have a good time.

Great Race, Poor Organization

Apr 22, 2014 by Adam Schutze

The race itself was great. Lots of mud and plenty of obstacles. It had rained for about a day before the race and the course was totally drenched. If you were a competitive mudder this was not the race to get a PR in time. I brought a group of 8 with me and they all had a blast on the course except for one obstacle, a tire carry, that was over a fence and on a very unsafe platform. they had to through plywood on it to keep people from stepping through the wood planks. I was totally blown away by this, extremely unsafe. After the race my group was prepared to return to their vehicles and found out that we had to wait over and hour and half to get the shuttle back to our cars. Very disappointed in this, but also disappointed in the fact that none of the race organizers were there to talk to people and give out information. Very poor reflection that they avoided the upset people in line instead of communicating with them.

Hope the step it up.

Apr 22, 2014 by Courtney

This race promises mud, and there's that! Honestly almost too much. There are quite a few fun obstacles, but the excess mud almost takes the fun out of it. I think the rain made it worse than it would've been. Another major problem is the transportation to the venue. Waiting for a long time before the event is frustrating enough. Waiting for a bus after you've run the race, absolutely miserable. This race is early in the season, it almost always rains because it's April and it is always, always, always COLD! It would be in the best interests of the participants (in order to prevent hypothermia) if the wait for the bus was not hours. Not only do you have to wait for the bus, the bag check was a muddy cluster!! I'm super glad I used a trash bag to bag my backpack. It was pretty muddy last year too. I came prepared!

Overall, there are a lot of fun elements to this obstacle course race. Shuttles and the bag check are a must RE-DO!!

Major Disappointment

Apr 21, 2014 by Kristan T

Major issues on planning the event and especially the transportation plan. Add our names to a growing list of dissatisfied and just plain pissed runners/consumers. The wait for shuttles on the front end should have been a clue. There were obviously fewer buses leaving than coming and major issues estimating the wait times and lines. Since the dressing and bag areas were so wet and muddy we had to leave partially wet which added to a horrific wait. Since we were in line for almost 2 hours tempers ran high and satisfaction with RM dropped to ZERO. Having two thousand bags in a tent that should hold 100 bags was another issue. We get that we were there to be wet muddy and miserable. When its over you don't expect your clean items in your bag to be thrown off the tables into the mud only to learn your dressing area was as muddy as one of the obstacles. We along with several hundred other runners will consider other races instead because of the extreme lack of consideration and absolutely no communication. Being wet, cold and shivering for that period of time without the benefit or even someone communicating with the waiting line and not planning for better shuttle service was a major faux pas and novice organizing mistake. It would be more understandable with an outfit that was doing it for the first time or that didn't plan races as a business. Rugged Maniac is absolutely off our list of potential future races. They certainly will not grow their brand in this competitive niche with this attitude. Instead of growing it they went in the opposite direction. Major miss on their part. Major disappointment on ours. It did not live up to their marketing, credo or hype.

Horribly Organized Run

Apr 20, 2014 by Eric McKee

First let me say the positives. Decent run, quite a few fun obstacles, and the other participants were very fun to run with.

Now for the negatives. This was one of the most poorly organized and executed races I have ever experienced. It took an hour of standing and waiting to get a bus from the parking area to the race. The bag storage area was basically a pile you threw your stuff into. The “band” that supposed to be playing was a dinky DJ stand, nothing live. The after party was non-existent.

Worst of all was the wait to get back to the vehicles. After being soaked and cold during the race (which I fully expected and actually enjoyed) the racers were forced to stand in the cold and the rain for a minimum of two hours waiting on the busses. People went from enjoying themselves, to miserable and regretting coming to the event. By the end there were multiple people that where borderline hypothermic. Many people were forced to go into the woods beside the line to relieve themselves. Children spectators in line were put in physical danger due to this situation. I will be encouraging all the people I know in the running community to avoid this run at all costs for their own safety and wellbeing.

I am willing to give the organization a slight benefit of the doubt. I talked to some of the other enraged patrons during our multiple hour wait in the rain and they said that last year was not nearly as bad. The event was much better organized and less cheaply done. If this was due to a cost saving initiative then STOP, you will be out of business within the next couple years. If it is a new event coordinator, replace them NOW. Until I hear about a change I will make it a personal mission to deter as many friends as I can from this race. There are many other charity races that people can participate in and not have to go through this kind of lack luster treatment. If it is a very nice day and you have a full day to burn, then by all means run this race. Otherwise I would avoid this run and find another organization in which to donate your hard earned money.

Doing my third one this June

Mar 27, 2014 by Mike M

I am doing my third one in a row this June in Brooklyn after doing the NJ one in '12 and '13. I have a real blast at this event. I'm almost 50 and in pretty good shape for someone my age, but I was definitely one of the older guys there which I sort of liked...gets you motivated.

But what is best about this race is that it is challenging, and at times you ( or well I) was exhausted....but the atmosphere is totally fun and mixed. You have people who take it very seriously, and you have those that just want a challenge...and then the occasional person racing in a banana suit lol

But it is challenging at times, your knees will get scraped up. If it is a rainy day it is that much harder because the course ..not just the mud pits...are heavy muddy.

If you are really into your time then that could be an issue because at some obstacles there are backups..frustrating ( or a welcome break depending how you look at it)

The shower area is pretty basic... not for the shy though..not that you are undressed or anything but you are in basically shorts taking a showering in front of a million people cleaning out mud from every crevice.

It is fun..there is beer and plenty of food and giveaway samples. I guarantee after you do it you will be glad you did.

Great Team Event for All Levels

Jan 07, 2014 by Rebecca Crump

This event was fun for the whole team. We had rookies through seasoned veterans running and all had a great time doing the course. There weren't many surprises in regards to the obstacles. There were the standard high walls, mud pits, barbed wire and balancing acts. The obstacles were spaced at about every half mile and there weren't long lines. While they weren't so challenging, this is always a fun course to run and especially to get the "newbies" out to. They get a great taste for OCRs without the intimidation. I was also impressed with the family atmosphere. Yes, there was the beer tent (Thanks to my server who made sure I never paid for a beer!), but there were also all kinds of inflatables and kids-style games. An added bonus to the Dinwiddie location was that we found a few shower stalls in the women's restroom. Awesome benefit on a cold day! Overall, great race for a day of fun.

Rugged maniac- Looking for a team for Dallas, 2013

Oct 12, 2013 by Nicole

Hey looking for a team for Dallas, Texas race 2013. email me if interested. currently have no one!!!

Lotsa fun - would do it again

Jul 19, 2013 by Sheerin

Ihave run in the NJ marathon and did the Tough Mudder at this same location (Raceway Park) last fall and I think this event went really well. Parking was $10, but it was quick to get in and out. There was almost no waiting around - plenty of registration tables only line was for the go-pro/POV video rental tent (those guys were dicks). Unlike TM, there is little start game banter or an MC to get folks amped up. There was also no control on start times. We got there early and because there were no lines - we were ready at 9am but had a start time of 9:30, so we just took off with the 9am wave. Obstacles were fun but not too challenging, not hanging events (rings or monkey bars) event the wooden walls were kinda easy because they had 4x4s tacked to them at 3 and 6 ft levels. Very chick friendly, at the TM we had to haul some of the weaker teammates over obstacles, not a problem on this course. Plenty of mud - great low crawl events and lots of barbed wire. 12 of our 14 member team were first timers and they thought it was a blast and were encouraged that they could complete the course and tackle every obstacle. The shower point was efficient - no huge lines or anything, but it was placed next to registration and if there was a changing tent I never found it. At TM at the same location, the shower point was a little less public - letting you get a good wash without flashing your junk to the whole crowd.
Course - was great
Obstacles were good - not that hard
Organization was Excellent

Jun 10, 2013 by Vader

Well organized, more challenging than a warrior dash, fun obstacles, muddy, and an overall great event. Will do it again!

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 4.0 5.0 54 54 This was my first time running a Rugged Maniac; I had previously done a number of Spartan Races and Terrain Races. I decided to sign up due to the price - $29, plus discounted park