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Overview“25 world class obstacles, crammed into a 4-6 mile course.”, Nationwide locations
Events(2) 2012, (7+) 2013, (12+) 2014
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KidsJr. Savage kids race available for 13 and under
Distance4-6 miles
ObstaclesOur courses features up to 25 giant, world class obstacles. Obstacles vary by location but examples include Sawtooth Bars, Tazed & Blazed, Mud & Guts, and the dreaded Shriveled Richard.
TerrainVaries by location, but plan on 4-6 miles of the gnarliest terrain available.
Signature ObstacleColossus – On one side you’ll try and ascend the tallest quarter-pipe in obstacle racing, only to find yourself climbing another 8 feet to the top of obstacle racing’s biggest water slide. With a near vertical drop you’ll slide so fast you’ll barely have time to yelp in fear.
Hardest ObstacleLumberjack Lane, where participants must lug heavy objects like logs and sandbags around a long muddy loop. Badasses are encouraged to grab two, if they can.
GearAthletic clothes or costumes (don’t miss out on the “Most Savage Costume” contest), socks, shoes and a kick-ass attitude. Check out our full list of recommended gear here

Savage Race is the most badass mud and obstacle race event yet. Our unique courses feature big, rugged obstacles spread out over 4 – 6 treacherous miles. This is one tough race, and we guarantee that it will completely kick your ass. We warn you that this race is not for everyone, and it's definitely not your average family fun run or ‘mud race'. If you're afraid of extreme obstacles, fire, mud, and bruises, DO NOT sign up for Savage Race. But if you're tough, you need to prove it. Are you a Savage? Prove it at Savage Race.

We lovingly call our participants Savages because we believe you have to find your inner barbarian to power through our intense 4-6 mile races. Some of our most intense obstacles have include the Shriveled Richard ice bath, the incredibly steep Sawtooth Bars, a leap over rows of fire and of course crawling through thick mud under barbed wire. Savage Race prides itself on having the biggest obstacles and featuring the most per mile; a true Savage Challenge. We also scout for the gnarliest terrain available in your area to offer participants the added challenge of treacherous terrain.

At Savage Race we believe that we deserve to play just as hard as we work, and our Savages certainly deserve it after completing one of our races. That's why at the end of each event we reward participants with frosty beer, delicious barbeque and awesome music at what we like to call the “Outrageous Savage After Party.”

Our mission at Savage Race is to provide endurance enthusiasts with something even bigger than the race itself. We want participants to push themselves until they think they can run no further, climb no higher and go no faster. Being a Savage means pushing yourself to the ultimate limit, and the high you will feel after completing one of our events is something that you will never forget.

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Savage FL

Apr 21, 2016 by Jared Franklin

Savage FL is at one of my favorite venues in Florida. New course layout was solid. The only negative was the traverse wall, and the grips that were on it. Looked like they had foot pegs at the top and the lanes were uneven. So if you happened to pick the "right" lane then it was simple and if you didnt then you were waiting for longer than you should have. I did like the new obstacles and they always have their staple obstacles that we are all used to seeing. Savage puts on the best festival as well, with beer and food options.

Apr 21, 2016 by Josh

This was my 6th or 7th Savage Race. The race is always well organized and they innovate each year adding fresh obstacles. One of the best in the industry, highly recommended!

best race series!

Apr 21, 2016 by Christian Restrepo

Far and away the best race series! The best blend of distance and difficulty for everyone, from couch ninjas to elite runners, this race is a perfect blend of what OCR is about.

Great race

Apr 21, 2016 by Jaret Alvis

This was my first Savage race and was not disappointed. The atmosphere was great and the race was even better. All th volunteers were encouraging, all the obstacles were well made, and even ran into the owner of the company on the course. The course was well designed but our favorite was the obstacles. Well made, challenging, but still a blast to do. If it is your first OCR or your 100th this is a do not miss race.

Highly recommend

Jul 22, 2015 by Rich

This was my first mud run and I am hooked. As a 54 year old, I was a bit concerned about injury but the course is really not dangerous if you use some common sense. I'm not going to break any speed records, so I took my time on the obstacles. The only one that was too difficult physically was Sawtooth (monkey bar), but I'm doing some weight and grip training that should solve that next time - and there will definitely be a next time!

A couple of tips - get OCR shoes, or you will be slipping a LOT. Also, the mud/water can contain some disgusting bacteria so I wore swim goggles and ear plugs. Rinse your mouth and spit at the water stations before you swallow. There are plenty of small pebbles in the muddy areas, which are no fun if they get in your shoes. Gaters help with that. This stuff is not unique to Savage Race,

Better Than Tough Mudder

Jun 29, 2015 by Dan

DIFFICULTY = Intermediate

Parking was onsite but there was a $10 charge. The walk to the bag check was just as close as your car.

I expected more from Savage Race. They do have the brilliant marketing idea to force you to walk through the merchandise tent to enter/exist the race. There was a military wall for demonstrations and competitions but not really any vendors. They did have a DJ.

There was a $5 charge for bag check but it was right next to the parking lot. There was no reason to check a bag with your car right there.

They had a starting obstacle, a DJ to hype you up, and an arch. The obstacle was a slanted wall with ladder. It was nice to not have to climb over a normal wall as a starting obstacle. The DJ was very good as he was motivational and interactive (he had 1 girl do a trust fall while standing on people’s shoulders). The only thing it lacked was a clock/timer.

The course had good obstacle spacing. The terrain included gravel, rocks, dangerous woods area (slippery and rocky), mud, dirt. The best part was that it was on a giant paintball course and the course ran through some paintball set ups such as a giant castle, a wild west town, a war field (complete with tanks and helicopters), an alien area with pods, and a city (yes, a city built for paintball). The course lacked lakes (there was man-made water) and hills. You never really went far from the festival area, just around it (this is a positive as you always heard the music).

There were about 20-25 obstacles on the 5 mile course. Most of them I have seen before (walls, weight carry, fire jump, over unders, quarter pipe, monkey bars). They had some news ones such as the seesaw pipes and turn style monkey bars (circular rotating monkey bars). The final sets of obstacles were awesome (great obstacles and great combination placement)!

Best Obstacle = turn style monkey bars
Worst Obstacle = ice bath

They had 3 water stations on a 5 mile course. They gave out full size bottles of water. No food.

The finish line had a final obstacle (quart pipe into water slide), it had an arch, and a crowd cheering you on. It was missing a clock/timer.

They had a changing tent. I heard there were hoses but I did not see them. Almost anytime you got muddy, there was a water obstacle that followed so you immediately washed off. The final obstacle involved a water slide so you were clean when you finished (no need for a shower).

You received a tshirt and medal. The medal was disappointing because it was simple and just said SR. The previous medals had the blue savage guy on them.

The Savage Race was much better than I expected. I have heard time and time again that it’s the Tough Mudder just in 5 miles. This is not the case. While Savage does have a few obstacles that are similar to Tough Mudder (jigsaw monkey bars, fire jump, ice bath, walls, quarter pipe), other races have these as well. Savage Race has a few unique obstacles that I have not seen before. Even with the obstacles that they repeat, they try to be different (their quarter pipe is lower than the Tough Mudder, has a rope, and then goes into a water slide). The venue had great scenery. Not great natural scenery but the man-made paintball course such as the giant castle or the city or wild west town was really cool to walk through. If this race isn’t too far and you can get a cheap deal, do it.

Must Do for OCR lovers

Jun 29, 2015 by KOASEV
Event Name: Pennsylvania Savage Race 2015 

The Savage Race is a must for OCR lovers for a number of reasons: It's a well put together event with plenty of mud, water and kick-ass obstacles. I agree with Dave in NJ's review of the event setting and set-up. My only complaint was that the "shower" area and changing stations were not closer to the event site. Definitely will hit it up again in 2016!

Mar 07, 2015 by Dave in NJ

I've done many mud and obstacle course races and Savage Race was pretty good. The PA location was nice, access roads were small but these races are usually held in rural areas. Great parking right next to the entrance on big grassy field. Overall the organization was not as slick as other, bigger-name, bigger-budget, races but I liked the informality of it. Nothing was left un-done for me. Parking volunteers were locals and had that country friendliness. Good course. Not the toughest I've ever done, but it was challenging and fun which is great (unlike Spartan which is meant to break you). Some good running sections in the woods through mud and marshes. Volunteers got me to complete the monkey bars, which I normally can't do. So many races out there that I usually don't repeat races 2 years in a row, but I will do Savage Race again in 2015.

Florida Fall 2014

Nov 19, 2014 by Team Blacksheep

This was my first Savage Race and it was a great time. Parking was ok, a longer walk to the race area, but thats ok, (it is an athletic event) The venue was good and the course was well marked. Didnt have much interaction with the staff, but when I did, they were good. The obstacles were a little less difficult than I had imagined. I would give it an overall rating of 4! They gave out free bumper stickers too, thats a big plus to help promote!

Awesome Experience

Oct 27, 2014 by Josh Payne

This was my first mud run. It was a challenging course. I thought the distance between obstacles were balanced well. You didn't have too much running in between obstacles. I liked that they had both fun and difficult obstacles to complete. Great swag medals and t-shirts. Overall great experience! Registering again for Florida Spring 2015

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 4.6 5.0 54 54 Great event and very well organized. Staff were brilliant. Everyone I talked to pretty much summed it up as "it's so awesome to finally get out and do an OCR event" Yes there were