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Terrain Racing challenges you both physically and mentally with over 20 obstacles! Choose a 5k or 10k option, and after your race party at the finish line with friends, family, mud and views of the obstacles you just conquered! You’ll be proud when you finish your race with us. You’ll sweat. You’ll get dirty. You and your friends will have the time of your life.

Make terrain Your race, Conquer Your Terrain!

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Aug 19, 2019 by Kat

It seems I'm not the only one who was very disappointed in this race. I love obstacle races and am easily pleased, but this was a joke. In addition to all the secret hidden fees which have been already mentioned, the race was very poorly organized. Parts of the race were not marked and crossed through areas where people and cars were wandering through, leaving us unsure where to go. Huge bottlenecks at every obstacle. Most of the obstacles were poorly put together, like the "crisscrossed bungee cord" obstacle where half the cords had fallen down, or were just stupid, like "stop and flip a tire before you go on." Very few legitimate obstacles, very poor organization, very overpriced with hidden fees for a "free" race. Total scam, absolutely do not recommend.

Don't waste your money

Aug 13, 2019 by Amber

Worst mud run ever. Was drawn in by the *free* registration that was not in fact free after paying required insurance and online fees. Packet pickup ended up being an hour away from the event, and hour farther than where I lived...so ended up paying an additional $20 day of to pick up 4 bibs (that was the "packet") at the event. Had to pay $20 to park which was extremely disorganized. Then, they charged $5 to check a bag! The obstacles were a joke...there was not the 20+ mentioned on the website unless you count climbing a hill and trying not to break your ankle tripping in holes or on blackberry vines. They had 2 sets of walls that we waiting at for 15 minutes each. Huge bottleneck. I'm pretty sure we waded through a pond of horse manure as well. And we never got an ice cold drink at the finish...unless they are talking about the dixie cup of water.
Definitely will never register for another Terrain Race. There are far better, better organized events out there.

Scam, Disorganized, Waste of money and time

Aug 11, 2019 by Megan

I did this race in Eugene, OR in 2016. It was my first obstacle race. I had a great time. Yesterday’s race in Sherwood was a joke. The obstacles were lame compared to Eugene. The location is a horse ranch so there is horse waste every where. Mud and feces run. Way too many people bottle necking the obstacles. Five minutes wait to hop a wall! You can’t even call it a race. Especially when there is no timer. I’m sorry, but way too many kids. Can we please have an all adult race! The event was disorganized.
Free registration but still paid almost $40 before I even got to the event. Then $20 for parking. Five dollars to check in the day of registration if you can’t attend their packet pick up the day before. Seriously! You have people registering who live hours away! Total scam! Then we get there only to find out you have to pay to check your bag too. We get our shirt and medal after completing the race when you’re filthy and the shirts are white? White shirts for a mud run! No desire to do another terrain “race”. One star only because I have to select one

definietley not what I expected

Aug 03, 2019 by Anthony Abbott

first of all I didn't get the notification that the had change locations. From Wurtsboro< NY to Holiday Mountain resort. Spent 20 minutes at the first address with about 6 pother cars until someone called. Then is was advertised as free but at then we were charged $20.00 for parking and $10.00 to watch belongings. Then this is also advertised as a mud run. Didn't have any mud obstacles. Some of those obstacles should have been mud involved. The only good thing was it was a challenging course with good obstacles. But overall it could have been better.
First time I ran this race terrain race and maybe the last time.


Jul 29, 2019 by Ray

This event is scamming ALL racers! First they flood your inbox with all of these "Free Race" emails, then have MANDATORY donations. After you've paid $17 for a FREE RACE, they then tell you the week of, that if you don't pick up your bib prior, you have to pay an additional $5 on race day and it's at least an ADDITIONAL $20 to park. Which parking alone is already more than their "free race". They changed the venue within 3 days of the event, after several emails and FB post which were rejected when inquiring about the event, they responded late afternoon ON THE DAY OF THE RACE! Unethical practices and an overall scam to just take your money!

DO NOT SIGN UP!!! Their obstacles are unsafe and not even worth the "Free Race" value!

First time: Unexpected Mess

Jul 28, 2019 by William

This was our first time racing. We were very disappointed with this race. For starters, the event moved location days prior to the race day (email was sent to us, but that wasn’t the issue.) the problem was, no one told us that we would literally be climbing a ski slope.

There was NO MUD. It’s called the mud run and there was a dirty water lit at the end.

To make things worse, they advertised that there would be promoters in the after party. Nothing. NO FOOD, just warm water.

The medal was cool, but we drove 1.5 hrs to this race and I wouldn’t do another one unless it was

What a joke

Jul 15, 2019 by Greg

Poorly organized. They cancelled the event after us sitting in line for 2+ hours due to their traffic/poor parking situation. They blamed the cancellation on the heat yet they invited everyone back the next day which was even hotter. July in the Inland Empire is ALWAYS hot. Clearly lying. And wont give refunds. That is the last Terrain Race for us.

Not even worth the $15

Jul 14, 2019 by Morgan

Waited in a line of cars for an hour before I decided to hop out and run 1.5 mi there. When I got there, they closed the race due to “extreme heat” when it was not even 90° yet. Ran another 1.5 mi to where my car was parked. Waste of money

Jul 13, 2019 by Ben

Terrain Race is an UTTERLY USELESS ORGANIZATION. After a two hour drive to get to the event today at Inland Empire, we waited for ANOTHER TWO HOURS in a line of cars to get into the event. In this time we had traveled a full mile with still two more miles to go just to reach the parking lot. It was utterly pathetic that Terrain Race could not be more organized and put on a decent event. After they cancelled last year's Inland Empire race and this pathetic performance, I will no longer try to attend this company's event. My 12 year old daughter was particularly disappointed to travel a full six hours in the car and get nothing done.

Jul 13, 2019 by Jason

Waited 2 hours to park our car and still werent even passed the gates to find out as people were leaving the parking lot, we were told the event was canceled. Would have been nice if an event employee went out to tell everyone. All those email reminders should have said possible cancelation due to heat so we others who have a later start time wont be driving 2hrs to the event location. Poorly managed and money hungry charging for everything.

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 2.1 5.0 131 131 Definitely a race for beginners, or kids. Keep low expectations, and you'll be alright. Not much for sponsorship, or organization. Easier obstacles, very little direction from s