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The Zombie Bolt 5k will be held at Dead Woods haunted forest in Luther, Oklahoma, this mud run course will have over 25 obstacles, this mud run course is tough but fun. This race zombies will chase the runners but some zombies will have special prizes so the runners can chase certain zombies for special prizes.

Dead Woods also does have fun runs, cross country races, mud runs and zombie fun run events.

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Average rating: 3.92 / 5 from 13 reviews.

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Zombie Bolt was just OK

May 05, 2014 by Jesse

I have attended the Zombie Bolt since the beginning 2 years ago. I was excited to see them do a mud run edition since this is the type of runs I do. Here are some PROS/CONS from this years Mud Edition --

• Cost - this is a very affordable race as compared to other mud runs
• Deadwood Forest Trails in Luther, OK are legit. I have attended several runs here put on by various promoters and the trails are always well kept and directional markings are clear.
• Luther Fire Department provided a tanker to hose off the runners. Very effective way to get clean :-)
• No charge for parking! A lot of the mud run events charge $10 to park.

• The staff of the Zombie Run seemed very unprepared, taking a long time to get through the registration line.
• I heard they ran out of Finisher Medals. A small child came through about 30-45min after I did and he was extremely upset. I gave him my finishers medal!
• Very few obstacles as opposed to other mud runs. They boast about having the tallest A-Frame of any mud run in Oklahoma. The week before the Zombie Bolt, I was in Marietta, OK at the Patriot Run. Their A-Frame was clearly larger and taller. They also boast about largest water slide. The Ultimate Mud Warrior in OKC has a pretty large slide! Basically, don't claim you have the largest ..... whatever ... unless you do your homework. Most obstacles were walls to climb over.
• LACK OF WATER!! This was a big one. I saw several people along the course (more children than adults) that had to stop and sit down because of dehydration. It was a hot day, upwards of 90 degrees. This is dangerous having an event like this and not provide adequate water stations. The first water station was unmanned and just had dixie cups lying around and several 16.9oz water bottles sitting on the table. Not exaggeration.. there were 3 bottles to split among about 20 people. People were grabbing them - it was just a little out of control.
• Lack of Staff --- lack of staff to man the water stations, registration table, etc.
• This was suppose to be a Zombie Run... the ratio was about 25 runners to 1 Zombie. Years past, it was about 5 runners to every Zombie. Not sure what happen this year.
• Lack of Food Vendors. It would be awesome if there where some food and beverage choices.


May 05, 2014 by Tonya

Let me start by saying that I had an amazing time and will be going back next year. My complaints:
There was not enough water to drink. I was in the 3rd wave and by the time I made it to the water stations they were out. Since it was so hot I has a hard time getting through the first half of the race because I had nothing to drink. Once we finally got to the first mud pit, I cooled down and had a much better time.
Some of the zombies were a little out of hand. I didn't have any trouble but a friend of mine was pushed into a tree and a guy running ahead of me was punched in the stomach.
The woman at the registration table was kind of rude.
Some mega positives:
This was the most fun I have ever had at a 5k.
The obstacles were difficult but not so hard that I had to skip them.
The waterslide was a blast.

May 05, 2014 by Kathryn

Needs to begin earlier in the day to avoid the heat. But then again, who expects 90 degrees in early May? Lots of great props for photo ops before and after the run, and the mud obstacles were great fun. First half of the run was a little dull with few obstacles and less mud, but the last half was just great. LOTS of mud obstacles! The zombies had a tendency to bunch up and should maybe spread out a bit.

May 05, 2014 by Heather

Last year was a complete BLAST!! Seemed to be well planned and more entertainment! Everyone was out to have fun; zombies and runners. This year wasn't nearly as well planned out or as organized, could have been bc it was the first mud run. (?) The staff/volunteers were a little edgy and snappy upon registering. Should have been more staff to help out along the course with a few of the runners who were extremely negative and rude! It's all about having fun! Minus those few things it was fun! Loved the slide!!

May 05, 2014 by Leslie

WATER! The run was definitely lacking water for the runners, by the time we got to 2/3 water stations they were out. There was also a lack of cups. The first half of the run was very dry and HOT. I LOVED the last half of the run kicking off with a water station with WATER and the water slide! I love the Zombie Bolts and the people who run it are always so friendly! I can definitely tell this event is growing and I can't wait to see what it grows to be in the future.


May 05, 2014 by I LUV MUD

I have run off-road 5k's and this course was by far the best looking course in the state. The warrior dash has nothing on this course! Also, ran the Dirty 30 (same location as last year) but this course is way better and closer than where the dirty 30 is now. Oh and it's cheaper than just about all the other mud runs anywhere within 100 miles. For those of you that would like a medium to hard course and plenty of mud and obstacles, this is the one for you! Already asking the people at Zombie bolt wen the next one is! 5 stars for me!


May 05, 2014 by MUD RUN FREAK

I had an absolute BLAST!!!!!!!! Great Course they even had a huge muddy foam slide that reminded me of a frosty beer. great obstacles. Line was long because of a huge walk up participants. There was a gear check thank god. I thought it was well run. They are ordering more ears medals for folks who did not get one. I AM GOING TO DO THIS AGAIN!!!!!!!!

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May 04, 2014 by C1nicolei@yahoo.com

The course was great. Seemed a bit unprepared, signing it went slow and there seemed to be moderate confusion. All the ear medals were gone! There were so many runners that did not get one. Not enough zombies. Wish there had been more people on the field to control poorly behaving runners/zombies. Will think again before going but loved location. The people putting on the event need to plan better next time and have more staff in hand to ensure things go smoothly. @$35 a head they should have been able to afford help.

Zombie Bolt 5k mud run is the BEST

Feb 09, 2014 by David

I was at the Zombie Bolt 5K event in May 2013, everyone had a blast, this year they will have lots of mud and a zombie hunting area, I and my friends will be at Zombie Bolt 5k mud run at Dead Woods haunted forest in Luther, Oklahoma will you ?

Response: NOTE: Multiple reviews have been posted from this IP address and they may not be authentic. Due to this, the rating for this review is not being included in the average. Please contact us if you were the poster and feel this is incorrect.

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